“To the well organized mind,death is but the next great adventure “ -Albus Dumbledore



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That time I was sure I was going to die.

Something strange happened to me on Sunday.I fell asleep reading this book:Everyday by David Leviathan, it’s about this person that wakes up each morning in a new body.

I had this strange dream that I was in this dystopian place where I had to fight monsters and I survived a near death experience in this same dream. 

I woke and with this surety that I was going to die that night. That I was not going to see the next morning, well you can imagine the first thing I did was break down and cry. 

Then I told myself I was being ridiculous and I should shake it off. I couldn’t shake it off, I even told one of my friends that called me that I might not be here tomorrow (dramatic?).

I got really scared and then I started thinking about what this would mean for me, I would be sad to die not because it’s myself but also because of the people I would leave behind. 

My siblings would be devastated, plus I also wanted to try this hair product I just got. I thought of the money my parents wasted on me to send me to school and how it could have been used better ๐Ÿ˜ข.

Then I thought of telling my siblings what I was feeling bit I decided not to scare them instead I stayed with them watched small TV and joked for hours before I retired to bed. 

When I got to bed I cried again then I prayed and told God I don’t want to die but his will be done, and  if I die before morning please forgive me my sins and grant me eternal rest in heaven. 

I then thought of all the times I took waking up in the morning for granted, I was feeling sleepy but I was too terrified to sleep,i thought of all the things I had not done, all the people I hadn’t spoken to in a while.

 I prayed some more, felt  a bit calmer then I decided to bite the bullet and close my eyes and here I am alive and well but with a renewed sense of gratitude for each day. 

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Hi guys, welcome to part 2 of our epic journey to make coconut oil, so we don’t have to buy it because we are smart ๐Ÿ™‹. โ€‹

I realized something, on my journey to make the oil, I got 3 other products ,which is amazing and I will highlight them as we go on. 

So here are the rest of the steps please enjoy. 

Step 6:Blend the chopped coconut flesh. 

Here you have to eyeball things a little, most likely the coconut will not blend on its own so you have to add water. 

Make sure you don’t add too much water to the coconut shavings so when you blend it, you will get a goopy mess not a watery one.

Step 7:Sieve the results from step 6.

For me this was the fun part, you can use whatever you want as far as it can sieve things, me I used a white handkerchief, which I place over my bowl, poured the coconut goop over it and squeezed the handkerchief  with my hands until all the water came out, this is the first product :COCONUT MILK. 

Coconut Milk

Step 8:Refrigerate the coconut milk for 24 hours. 

This part also requires discretion, some sites recommended as little as 5 hours but I preferred the 24 hour one so that it could separate properly.

Now for the sad part, some sites recommended leaving the coconut milk in the fridge and some said leave out in the open so I divided my coconut milk into 2 and put one in the fridge and one in my room. 

Needless to say one did not go well, the one in my room fermented and I had to throw it away ๐Ÿ˜ญ, I shed a few tears. 

Which means I now had only about half of my coconut milk to work with in the end affected the amount of oil I got. 

Step 9:Separate the coconut butter from the coconut water(?).

Now after 24 hours, you will see a top layers of pure white and a buttom almost colorless layer. The top layer is the second product :COCONUT BUTTER. 

Coconut Butter

The lower layer is the third product :COCONUT WATER (I don’t know the name,  I am guessing).

Step 10: Heat the butter to get your OIL.

Now the coup de gras, take the coconut butter, and get yourself a pot, put it on low heat and start frying the butter while stirring it continuously.

I fried the one in the picture below for about an hour. Fry until you can see small brown ball like residue(this stuff is edible, I don’t know what it is sha).

Separate your oil into a container, don’t cover it until it cools down completely though.

So this is my final product, bear in mind that this is from less than half of my coconut milk,  so if you make yours you will get at least twice this.

I really think that the whole experience was worth it and I will be making another batch soon,now that I am wiser. 

Any questions you have please ask in the comments and I shall answer.๐Ÿ‘‹ 

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Sooooooo, the thing is I love reading DIYs and I especially love telling myself that I will do one of them. Anyway, this week I decided to start a new hair regimen (more on that another time), and naturally,  I needed oils and they don’t come cheap.

Castor oil has burnt a hole through my very shallow pockets  ๐Ÿ˜ข but thank God for being a Christian because olive oil is never scarce over here ๐Ÿ˜. 

Aryan oil is super expensive and difficult to find, so I settle for coconut oil because let’s be honest it’s the happening oil now.

Then I said ok let me buy some but I told myself, I said self; this coconut oil thing is makeable, so just try and do it besides you only need coconuts, so myself said ok so here it is.

I guarantee that all the information presented here is 110% real and so are the injuries (I am not a very careful person ๐Ÿ˜– ).

Step 1:Buy coconuts(Obviously)

Since this was my first time I decided to use only 3 coconuts and not overwhelm myself.Use ripe coconuts only.


Step 2:Break the shell of said coconuts.

This should be done outside as the shell is hard and small pieces can cause injuries if you step on them. I recommend using a small cutlass to bash the coconut open (or you can slam it on a concrete floor, whatever works for you, I don’t judge).

Step 3:Remove the flesh of the coconut.

This is the difficult part, I recommend using a blunt knife, start from the edges and gently push the flesh of the coconut away from the shell. Please be extremely careful, this was the site of my first injury.

Step 4:Wash the coconut flesh.

If you took my advice and broke the shell outside you probably have some dirt on the flesh of your coconut, not to worry just rinse it up and it’s as good as new.


Step 5:Grate/Chop the coconut flesh into bits.

Okay, now if removing the coconut flesh was difficult, this part was exhausting. First of all some people use knives to chop their coconuts in bits but I found that when I did that it came out uneven and I looked like it would take forever, plus I was really worried that the large and hard coconuts will destroy my blender.


When I used the grater on the other hand everything was smoother and it took waaaaaay less time,but my arm still hurt after a while sha and I was sweaty ๐Ÿ™‡. WARNING : Be careful with the grater this was the site of my last 3 injuries.

So, I think I will stop here for now. Tomorrow, I shall continue my epic tale because my hand hurts from all the injuries and typing. ๐Ÿ‘‹