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How to be a Lazy like a BOSS!!!

So I woke up today at my usual time 2pm-ish – Don’t judge me. Next my mother walks into the room and starts shouting about laziness and some other things I didn’t hear because I was sleepy. Anyway I decided to really think about if I am truly lazy.

My daily routine goes something like this:

  • Wake up at 2pm 😟
  • Eat Breakfast /Lunch (Brunch?)
  • Shower and the start reading or writing
  • If there is food to cook, and it’s my turn to cook, I cook it
  • Watch my siblings exercise (Yes!, I am too lazy to join )
  • By 6pm when NEPA brings the light or the generator comes on and I watch TV till 2 am
  • From 2 am I troll the internet until 6am when I fall asleep  

OK, looking at this will definitely make me seem lazy but, hey! I am a victim of circumstance. I have literally nothing to do at home so why wake early in my opinion?

My mother is always going on and on about how a woman needs to be extra hard working to run a home and career at the same time.

The thing is I remember that during my NYSC, I religiously kept my room clean while also going to my school (PPA) to teach.

I decided to look at this thing critically and I can say this, I am more productive at nighttime, I feel more energized, Ideas flow faster and I manage to accomplish more. I have found out that in the morning, I feel very lacklustre and generally bland.

So seeing as it is working for me,  I will continue to sleep by 6am and wake up by 2pm until I have cause to rearrange my Lifestyle.

So my advice to you is find what works and by God stick to it until something better comes along and makes you reconsider. 


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