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One Nation under God

On Tuesday the 8th of November 2016, Donald John Trump, won the United States presidential elections. Now I feel the election was watched all over the world both by citizens of the USA and people like me who were just following the election out of curiosity and a little fear. 

I didn’t like Donald Trump,  still don’t like him because I feel his gender and racial bias are unforgivable. Some Nigerians will say “what is our business with their American election”, those people would be illiterate, like it or not the USA is the world super power and except if by some miracle every country decides to economically ostracize them,  their policies will continue to affect everybody. 

DJ Trump’s address after he won the election showed a strange side of him (read it here on Michelle Nini’s blog ), I almost couldn’t believe that this is the same man that wants to build a wall to keep people out, was he just tired from all the election stress or was it something else. 

I believe one of two things are going to happen in a Donald Trump presidency:

1.He is really a racist, misogynistic and egotistical fart with no ideas and no plans of what to do, who just says exciting words to rile up the crowd. 

His presidency will be lacklustre and maybe even a resounding failure, leaving his supporters wondering where the wall is, when the deportations will begin and when America will be great again.

 On the other hand the opposition will have the pleasure of saying I told you so as they watch the country burn to the ground.

2. He has just been using the racist,  misogynistic exterior as a strangely vile but successful vehicle to the White House. 

When he assumes office he will settle into returning to a normal human being who will try and effect whatever change he can.

Leaving his supporters wondering where the wall is, when the deportations will begin and when America will be great again.While the opposition shrug and say maybe he is not that bad. 

Even though I hate his guts, I have to say congratulations, I didn’t think he could do it. Did you? 


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