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Oh the places you will go…

I have decided to start a travel wish list kind of thing, called -see title above- I got the phrase from a Dr.  Suess book. I pick a place and just talk about it,  this is meant to be a factual guide, just me rambling , hmm should be fun.


Why: I want to go to France because I love the French language, I think it is the third best language in the world after Igbo and English of course. I also want to see all the touristy landmarks like the Effiel tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Place du Concorde, the Seine and the Muse de Louvre. I want to see Paris, Nice and Normandy. I also want to eat good cheese and drink wine  🍷.

When: I hope that 2 years from now after my Msc. before I join the working class, maybe I will have some money saved up……. MAYBE.

How: If I am in the UK,  I would like to take a use the English channel (if Brexit hasn’t caused them to seal it up), and ‘boat’ my way into France. If I am in Nigeria I shall fly (boring and scary).

Famous for: Did you know that France is the world’s most popular tourist destination. France has a six-sided shape so it is sometimes called L’hexagone i.e. The hexagon.French wines are really expensive costing over a thousand Euros. It’s famous cities include Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Nice,  Le man’s,  Cannes and Montpellier.

Looking forward to : Eating cheese and sipping wine, eating a baugette, watching a mime perform and having an opportunity to exclaim “Sacre Bleu “😎


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