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So, I am feeling a bit sad/depressed today,in the spirit of that I decided to post my regrets. I racked my brain and I am thankful to God that I only have five. Making this list has really made me consider my life,since I am young I still have time to make sure this list remains short, so here goes:

1. Seizing more experience opportunities:  I regret not joining a school club like ENACTUS while I was in school, in my defense I was busy with my coursework most of the time but I could have made it work if I wanted to. 

2.Making more friends : I love the friends I have now, but maybe I could have made more, maybe not close friends but acquaintances, because I am now realizing that relating to people and networking is a big deal, then again I am really bad at keeping in contact, I call my bestfriend like 4 times in a month, not because I don’t love her but that’s just how I am.

3.Caring less about how people perceived me: In many ways I am still guilty of this, I keep thinking what will people think, even when I started this blog I wasn’t sure I wanted my friends to read because- what if it wasn’t good enough or witty enough or funny enough – I think my greatest fear in life is to be thought of as unkind or unintelligent.

4.Never singing solo in church : Okay I know I may very well still get to do this but i regret not doing it in the church after my own heart GRACE chapel, Babcock university. I can talk to a stadium full of people but as long as I am prepared I feel fine but singing in front of ten people makes me lightheaded ,so I never sang solo even though ever semester I promised myself I would.

5.Never learnt how to play a musical instrument : My friends taught themselves how to play guitars, which is super cool but I didn’t learn, why? – please refer to flimsy excuse given in number 1- they would have been more than happy to teach me but I never gave them time.



  1. I regret not making friends, not learning a musical instrument and always wanting to please everyone. I hardly talk to the people I call friends and it doesn’t speak well of me.


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