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Hi guys, welcome to part 2 of our epic journey to make coconut oil, so we don’t have to buy it because we are smart 🙋. ​

I realized something, on my journey to make the oil, I got 3 other products ,which is amazing and I will highlight them as we go on. 

So here are the rest of the steps please enjoy. 

Step 6:Blend the chopped coconut flesh. 

Here you have to eyeball things a little, most likely the coconut will not blend on its own so you have to add water. 

Make sure you don’t add too much water to the coconut shavings so when you blend it, you will get a goopy mess not a watery one.

Step 7:Sieve the results from step 6.

For me this was the fun part, you can use whatever you want as far as it can sieve things, me I used a white handkerchief, which I place over my bowl, poured the coconut goop over it and squeezed the handkerchief  with my hands until all the water came out, this is the first product :COCONUT MILK. 

Coconut Milk

Step 8:Refrigerate the coconut milk for 24 hours. 

This part also requires discretion, some sites recommended as little as 5 hours but I preferred the 24 hour one so that it could separate properly.

Now for the sad part, some sites recommended leaving the coconut milk in the fridge and some said leave out in the open so I divided my coconut milk into 2 and put one in the fridge and one in my room. 

Needless to say one did not go well, the one in my room fermented and I had to throw it away 😭, I shed a few tears. 

Which means I now had only about half of my coconut milk to work with in the end affected the amount of oil I got. 

Step 9:Separate the coconut butter from the coconut water(?).

Now after 24 hours, you will see a top layers of pure white and a buttom almost colorless layer. The top layer is the second product :COCONUT BUTTER. 

Coconut Butter

The lower layer is the third product :COCONUT WATER (I don’t know the name,  I am guessing).

Step 10: Heat the butter to get your OIL.

Now the coup de gras, take the coconut butter, and get yourself a pot, put it on low heat and start frying the butter while stirring it continuously.

I fried the one in the picture below for about an hour. Fry until you can see small brown ball like residue(this stuff is edible, I don’t know what it is sha).

Separate your oil into a container, don’t cover it until it cools down completely though.

So this is my final product, bear in mind that this is from less than half of my coconut milk,  so if you make yours you will get at least twice this.

I really think that the whole experience was worth it and I will be making another batch soon,now that I am wiser. 

Any questions you have please ask in the comments and I shall answer.👋 


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