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You should Love your Accent. 

I have an igbo accent, well not really but when I pronounce some words you can tell I am from the eastern part of Nigeria and I am proud of it.

I really don’t know why people see accents as a mark of intelligence, when I was in school I really abhorred all those girls that used to put ‘R’ everywhere in the name of sounding tush – ‘whort is that‘.

And the ones that killed me were our American accents- Oh my God. How do you have the accent of a country you have never been to, even those who have stayed there a while only have slight accents. 

Someone who spent a single summer of their 19 year life in Chelsea will now be speaking with an accent- B*tch please 😕.

person’s language patterns develop fully by the time they are eleven or twelve, so in essence no matter where they go their base accent will always be the same. 

Now of course if you are in a certain place it will affect your speech, intonation and what not,but for God’s sake don’t come here and be giving us horrible accents after a 2 week vacation.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with improving elocution, learning to speak so that people everywhere can easily decipher what you say. However, ridding yourself of your accent should not be your primary goal. 

I always make fun of accents, I poke fun at myself when I say ‘Craydeet’ instead of ‘Credit’😄.No matter what part of the country you are from, I will probably laugh at your accent. Now I don’t do it to be mean but I think it is one of those cultural quirks that amuse and define us at the same time. The same way I find Yoruba Agbadas funny because of the movements involved in keeping them at a place. 

I laugh at igbo people that have ‘R and L factor’ , my friends laugh at me because I can’t say ‘Surulere’without biting my tongue 😢. I don’t mind because it’s just one of those things. The same way I laugh at their own ‘H factor’ incidents.

At the end of the day i never assume anybody is stupid because of how they speak English, it’s not our mother tongue and if not for the fact that we were colonized by the English, we have no business speaking it. 

I am more inclined to believe that those people with their synthetic ‘accents’are the stupid ones because there are so many more productive things to do than waste time trying to sound like someone else and failing woefully at it. 

So embrace that your accent, improve your vocabulary and don’t apologize for the way you sound. 


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