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Oh the places you will go…

I have decided to start a travel wish list kind of thing, called -see title above- I got the phrase from a Dr.  Suess book. I pick a place and just talk about it,  this is meant to be a factual guide, just me rambling , hmm should be fun.


Why: I want to go to France because I love the French language, I think it is the third best language in the world after Igbo and English of course. I also want to see all the touristy landmarks like the Effiel tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Place du Concorde, the Seine and the Muse de Louvre. I want to see Paris, Nice and Normandy. I also want to eat good cheese and drink wine  🍷.

When: I hope that 2 years from now after my Msc. before I join the working class, maybe I will have some money saved up……. MAYBE.

How: If I am in the UK,  I would like to take a use the English channel (if Brexit hasn’t caused them to seal it up), and ‘boat’ my way into France. If I am in Nigeria I shall fly (boring and scary).

Famous for: Did you know that France is the world’s most popular tourist destination. France has a six-sided shape so it is sometimes called L’hexagone i.e. The hexagon.French wines are really expensive costing over a thousand Euros. It’s famous cities include Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Nice,  Le man’s,  Cannes and Montpellier.

Looking forward to : Eating cheese and sipping wine, eating a baugette, watching a mime perform and having an opportunity to exclaim “Sacre Bleu “😎

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How to be a Lazy like a BOSS!!!

So I woke up today at my usual time 2pm-ish – Don’t judge me. Next my mother walks into the room and starts shouting about laziness and some other things I didn’t hear because I was sleepy. Anyway I decided to really think about if I am truly lazy.

My daily routine goes something like this:

  • Wake up at 2pm 😟
  • Eat Breakfast /Lunch (Brunch?)
  • Shower and the start reading or writing
  • If there is food to cook, and it’s my turn to cook, I cook it
  • Watch my siblings exercise (Yes!, I am too lazy to join )
  • By 6pm when NEPA brings the light or the generator comes on and I watch TV till 2 am
  • From 2 am I troll the internet until 6am when I fall asleep  

OK, looking at this will definitely make me seem lazy but, hey! I am a victim of circumstance. I have literally nothing to do at home so why wake early in my opinion?

My mother is always going on and on about how a woman needs to be extra hard working to run a home and career at the same time.

The thing is I remember that during my NYSC, I religiously kept my room clean while also going to my school (PPA) to teach.

I decided to look at this thing critically and I can say this, I am more productive at nighttime, I feel more energized, Ideas flow faster and I manage to accomplish more. I have found out that in the morning, I feel very lacklustre and generally bland.

So seeing as it is working for me,  I will continue to sleep by 6am and wake up by 2pm until I have cause to rearrange my Lifestyle.

So my advice to you is find what works and by God stick to it until something better comes along and makes you reconsider. 

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Welcome to My Blog. 

Hello,  my name is Adaora. I decided to start this blog because my friend told me to 😁. Well,  that is not the whole story, at the moment I am in a gap-year induced slump. I think this is the part of my life where I am not moving forward or backward, and I am really starting to question all my life decisions that led me to this place.

The point is I am bored out of my mind, can’t get a reasonable and equally challenging job,  so my friend suggested I start a blog and I decided to give it a try.

I was really skeptical at first because it made me think of all the ideas I conceived in my mind but never had the heart to follow through on and trust me these past few months there have been a lot of ideas 💡.

However, I decided to follow through on this one,start small and see where it leads and what it leads to, such that no matter what, I would have taken a leap.

I hope this works out well and I have a lot of fun doing this. I also hope that blogging makes me a better writer, more articulate and helps me sort through the issues that are plaguing me.

So here is to raking things one step at a time, discovering myself and hopefully a great adventure. 🙌 🙆